Bridget Murphy Milligan | Wonder Tales
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Wonder Tales

Childhood is a powerful fleeting moment in life…. We all have different childhood experiences and relationships that color the imagery evoked and shape our future. Since the moment I picked up a camera as a young girl, I have been telling my stories. Photography has always been at the very heart of how I represent and express the world around me. The primary purpose for this photographic series investigates the concept of “childhood,” specifically my family’s history. Now a mother of three, I am photographing my three children, Lincoln, Charly and Declan in unfettered youthful scenes of play.


The project, entitled Wonder Tales, is both fictional and autobiographical. I feel this photographic project is extremely relevant to our current social media-saturated culture and is a perfect way to visually convey family values and interactions, rooted in the fertile soil of my backyard. Through photographing the everyday life of my children within a familiar rural landscape, I am exploring the nature of curiosity and the significant discoveries that come from play. I intend for these images to reveal the delicate awakenings experienced by children playing while suggesting the tensions, the push and pull, of a child’s physical and mental vulnerability. These images attempt to visually weave together normal real life situations with the unexpected fictional narratives my children reenact. As both a mother and artist, I believe some of life’s most meaningful moments come from the ability to fuse fantasy with reality.