Wonder Tales – Black and White
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Wonder Tales: The Imprint of Child’s Play

As both a mother and artist, I believe some of life’s most meaningful moments come from the ability to fuse fantasy with reality. The photographic project, entitled “Wonder Tales: The Imprint of Child’s Play“ is both fictional and autobiographical. This series evolved from my curiosity about the imaginative play of children and is centered on the interactions of my three children, Lincoln, Charly and Declan.


In a world where technology is always at our finger tips, where human to human interaction has given way to social media, and where our youth is evermore fascinated with online gaming, yesterdays’ “real life” make- believe has all but vanished. What will become of the powerful discoveries that come from good old fashion play? Celebrating the spirit of childhood, this series investigates the imaginative play and the uninhibited curiosity of children. Rooted in the fertile soil of our small farm in central Ohio, the images visually weave together normal real life situations with unexpected fictional narratives my children reenact. Common childhood fantasies of flying, exploring, battling are depicted in the photographs. The imagery attempts to reveal the delicate awakenings experienced by children playing while suggesting the tensions of a child’s physicalandmentalvulnerability. Inexaminingthesignificantdiscoveriesthatcomefromplay,photographing everyday childhood fantasies and fears, I create dreamlike images which bring a renewed sense of wonder to the ordinary and possibly allows us to revisit the memories and experiences of our own childhood.